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Meet Gidget

All about Gidget
Animal ID: 51875444

Gidget is a female Rabbit rabbit.

Age: Adult

Hi there, I'm Gidget! I'm a sleek black little bunny that is full of energy and I love to explore! With this in mind, allowing me to have access to a safe, bunny-proofed area to let me stretch my legs would be fantastic, as bunnies don't belong in cages their whole life. When I'm not busy being curious and cute, I will come up to you for attention and pets. Making sure I have lots of toys that I can safely chew on and toss around are important! Bunnies will naturally chew to help wear down our teeth, and we are actually very smart and prone to boredom. That's why I'd love to have things like cardboard, wooden toys, baskets, and other bunny safe items to play with! Also, tubes and places to hide will help me feel safe and secure if I ever get startled and need to find a safe space. We also have a specialized diet and need access to hay 24/7, pellets, and fresh leafy greens! Finally, I would do best with more experienced rabbit owners as I do NOT like being picked up and will require a family that knows how to handle this behaviour safely. If you want to know more or want to come meet me, book an appointment! Our counsellors will be more than happy to help! See you soon!
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