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Meet Ashton

All about Ashton
Animal ID: 52356296

Ashton is a unknown Other Turtle reptile.

I'M A PATIENT PAW! This means that I have been available for adoption for over 30 days, please ask about my reduced adoption fee!

Hi there, I'm Ashton and I am a pink-bellied side-necked turtle (also known as a red-bellied short-necked turtle) - which you could probably tell from my brightly coloured underbelly! Right now, I am very small, but still need a spacious tank to swim around in! When I am fully grown, I can be as big as 10 inches - so please be aware of that. Similar to most turtles, I can live for a very long time (upwards of 30 - 50 years) so please be prepared for the commitment. I am an amazing swimmer, even for turtles! I would love if my future family could provide me with not only plenty of swimming space but also various rocks, foliage (live or plastic) and other caves or decor that I can explore. Although I am primarily an aquatic species of turtle, I do still require adequate UVB light in order to properly thrive. As you can tell, I have some special care requirements so please make sure you have done your research! Anyways, that's all there is to know - so please contact CHS today!
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