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Meet Midnight

All about Midnight
Animal ID: 52379851

Midnight is a unknown Snake reptile who weighs 340 pounds.

Age: adult
Weight: 340 g

Hello! My name is Midnight, perfectly fitting my glossy black scales. I am a beautiful and gentle friend who is comfortable being handled by people. I am a Mexican black kingsnake, and may make a good first time snake. However, it's still very important that you do lots of research and get all your supplies set up before bringing me home. I am a curious noodle who loves to explore, so I'll need a big tank with plenty of enrichment opportunities and places to hide, climb and bask. The minimum size tank for me will one as long as I am long - reach out to the shelter team if you'd like some more information about that.

We don't know my exact age, but I could live 20 years or more, so I look forward to a long and happy life with you!
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