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Meet Cocoa

All about Cocoa
Animal ID: 52531626

Cocoa is a male Rabbit rabbit.

Hi there, the name's Cocoa! The ideal family for me is one that is patient and willing to go slow with me, as I am still on the nervous side. Despite my independent attitude at times, I am actually a very friendly little fellow once I get to know you! Small children and lots of loud noises are way too scary for me, so I would prefer to go to a calm and quiet home. An x-pen is a great way to keep me safe AND give me lots of space for my enrichment toys like hay, hidey spots, toys, and food! I am quite the active bun who enjoys hopping around and exploring. Thus, I would love a home that could provide me with lots of room to roam. When I'm given the space to explore, I love to show off my binkies! I just love to chew! Why not, it keeps my teeth from growing too long. You'll just have to make sure you rabbit proof our home and give me lots of safe chew toys. I know you just want to pick me up and cuddle me, but I feel more comfortable when I have all four on the floor. My shelter friends can help you with ideas for diet, housing, supplies, and other things I may need or like! I'll see you soon!
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