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Meet Pudding

All about Pudding
Animal ID: 52958398

Pudding is a female Lionhead rabbit.

Are you ready to add a dash of sweetness to your life? Look no further than Pudding the rabbit! Pudding is a soft and fuzzy ball of joy who is eagerly waiting to hop into your heart and home. She is the type of bunny who likes to get to know you before she shows you how sweet and friendly she is. Providing a safe place to hide (like a cardboard hide), moving slow and quietly, and waiting for Pudding to come to you are all great ways to help her feel comfortable - especially in the beginning. Pudding is ready to make your days sweeter and your heart warmer. If you think you can provide Pudding with the love and care she deserves, book an adoption appointment today! Your forever friend, Pudding, can't wait to meet you!
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