Through the generous support of caring individuals and corporations in our community, Calgary Humane Society is able to provide assistance to almost 5,000 animals in need each year. All of the animals that come through the doors of CHS are in immediate need of shelter, food and a caring, compassionate friend. While the need for our services continue to grow, our work to fulfill our mission is unwavering. With your help, we will continue to foster a community where all lives are respected and treated with compassion.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many animals this holiday season.



We cannot do the work we do without the generous support of our donors

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Happy Tails

Meet Molly

Molly was surrendered to Calgary Humane Society days after Christmas due to displaying aggression and being hard to handle. Our Behaviour and Animal Care teams quickly went to work with Molly to help her cope in shelter. She didn’t like her Pooch Pad and was very vocal about it. It was also discovered Molly didn’t really like other animals, especially ones she couldn’t resist chasing, which made her even harder to adopt! During the five-months Molly spent in shelter, staff and volunteers sympathized with her howling, as everyone knew, no matter how much love and support she was offered, it would be no match for a loving home. After 25 potential adopter visits her knight in shining armour came in to sweep her away. Molly now spends each day going to work with her Dad and living the dream!

Meet Gizmo

Hi, I’m Gizmo and my story starts a little differently than most animals who find themselves at Calgary Humane Society, because I was born there! My tired and hungry mom was pregnant with me and my siblings, when she was surrendered to Calgary Humane so the shelter was my very first home. My mom, brothers and sisters didn’t stay in the shelter too long as we were placed with a foster family where we hung out having a great time; that was until I got sick with pneumonia. My foster mom returned me to the shelter and one of the ladies from the Animal Health team took me home to help nurse me back to health. While staying with her, my mom and siblings were all adopted but that’s okay because once I was strong and healthy again, I too met my new forever family and I’m now living the dream!

Support animals like Molly and Gizmo


Cost for Care


$25 will supply vaccinations

…which are necessary for an animal entering a shelter to protect them from disease and keep them healthy


$50 will supply grooming

…for some animals who are desperate for a nail trim, hair cut or bath which will help make them feel themselves again.


$80 will provide a wellness exam

…as we provide nearly 60 exams a day where our Animal Health team determines any immediate needs required for an animal and sets up necessary treatment.


$175 will provide a field trip

…for a high needs area school and teaches students about compassion for the animals.


$200 will provide warming blankets

…for our larger animals that don’t fit in heated kennels post surgery, which ensures they recover from anesthesia safely.