Calgary Humane Society endeavours to ensure that all animals, having met the criteria of the Calgary Humane Society Adoptability Guidelines, are placed in loving, caring, stable and lifelong homes suited to the animal. It is of the utmost concern to CHS that the physical, emotional and behavioral needs of the animal are met in their new homes.

Since the animals do not have the ability to choose their owners, we must act in their best interests. CHS or its representatives assist adopters with the selection of a companion animal suitable to their lifestyle. All potential adopters must complete an online Adoption Appointment, which gives CHS an opportunity to educate potential adopters on responsible pet ownership. All adopters must sign the Animal Adoption Contract and abide by the conditions therein. Calgary Humane Society reserves the right to refuse an adoption.


Procedures and General Adoption Criteria:

  1. All healthy dogs, cats or rabbits will be sterilized, tattooed and/or micro-chipped before leaving Calgary Humane Society unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian.
  2. CHS does not encourage animals to be adopted as surprise gifts.
  3. Potential adopters must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. We will not adopt to anyone exhibiting obvious signs of intoxication (alcohol or other substances).
  5. Potential adopters must not have a documented history of neglect or animal abuse.
  6. Potential adopters must provide a valid form of government issued photo identification or two other pieces of valid government-issued I.D. before being allowed to adopt an animal.
  7. CHS adheres to the city bylaw for animals running at large and believes most animals, for their general health and safety should be kept indoors. CHS does not adopt animals that will be kept solely outdoors. CHS does recognize some cats are more suitable for Barn/Shop living arrangements and will be selected based on their suitability.
  8. Cats and dogs will not be subjected to unnecessary cosmetic surgery including but not limited to de-clawing, tail-docking, ear-cropping, vocal cord clipping or tendonectomy.
  9. CHS reserves the right to refuse the adoption of animals deemed not behaviourally or medically appropriate to be placed in certain homes
  10. All adult household members, related or unrelated, must be informed of the adoption of an animal from CHS.
  11. CHS encourages the spaying or neutering of companion animals and reserves the right to refuse an adoption based on the status of the current animals in the home. Proof of sterilization (spay/neuter) of other animals owned by the potential adopter may be required.
  12. CHS adopts animals in good faith with adopters understanding we cannot guarantee health or temperament; therefore any refund requests for adoption will be reviewed on a case by case basis.