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Other Ways To Give Fundraising FAQs And Guidelines

FAQs And Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Calgary Humane Society. Your efforts will help the more than 6,000 homeless animals each year.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to assist, as Calgary Humane Society staff work year-round in support of our signature events such as Cocktails for Critters, Dog Jog and Christmas Party for the Animals.

Unfortunately, Calgary Humane Society does not have the funds to pay any costs associated with third-party events.

Due to the large number of events and the limited number of volunteers and staff, we generally are unable to attend third-party events.

Yes. With advance notice staff can provide these materials if they are available.

No. Calgary Humane Society respects the confidentiality of its donors and will not release their contact information.

Within 10 days of the event, send the cheque(s) and off-line donation form to Calgary Humane Society 4455 110 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2T77.

If so, please submit them to donate@calgaryhumane.ca or call 403-723-6000. Every attempt will be made to answer your questions the same business day it is received.

Thank You For Your Interest In Supporting The Mission Of Calgary Humane Society.

Personal Fundraising Guidelines

  1. A Third Party Event application agreement must be completed and submitted to the Calgary Humane Society no less than four weeks prior to the proposed fundraising activity. Approval will be granted on a per event/promotion basis. Applicants must reapply annually for approval.
  2. We reserve the right to deny any application for a fundraising activity that does not align with our mission.
  3. The Calgary Humane Society cannot normally provide volunteers or animals to support a special event. This is an opportunity for your group to help the Calgary Humane Society and the animals that are in our care.
  4. Permission must be given by the Calgary Humane Society to use our name/logo in conjunction with your event or promotion. All promotional or communication materials developed to promote or communicate an event or initiative using the Calgary Humane Society name, logo or other identifying information must be approved by the Calgary Humane Society prior to distribution.
  5. Any publicity may not imply that the event is sponsored or co-sponsored by the Calgary Humane Society or that they are involved as anything other than the beneficiary. The event name must be followed by “In support of”, or “Proceeds to” followed by the Calgary Humane Society logo.
  6. The public should be informed how the Calgary Humane Society will benefit from the event or promotion. If the Calgary Humane Society will not receive all of the proceeds, then the exact percentage that benefits the Calgary Humane Society must be stated clearly on all related publicity.
  7. The Calgary Humane Society must be notified if other organizations will benefit from this event.
  8. If you are doing a raffle, casino, or other activity that involves selling to the general public, you may need a license. Please contact the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
  9. The Calgary Humane Society and all related entities are not liable for any injuries sustained by event volunteers or participants related to an event benefiting the Calgary Humane Society, and cannot assume any type of liability for your event.
  10. The Calgary Humane Society does not condone actions by third party fundraisers that are illegal or detrimental to the image of the Calgary Humane Society. This includes any activity or materials that cause or promote cruelty, neglect or the denigration of animals. Such activities will result in the immediate withdrawal and disassociation of the Calgary Humane Society from the event or initiative.
    As a registered charity, the Calgary Humane Society can provide official tax receipts, but will do so only where allowed under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, and only when the complete donor contact information, donation information and supporting documents are provided. The Calgary Humane Society reserves the final decision on the issuance of official tax receipts.
  11. The Calgary Humane Society does not provide donor names or information for the use of third party fundraisers. Where appropriate, the Calgary Humane Society will share information directly with its donors. The Calgary Humane Society adheres to all privacy legislation.
  12. The Calgary Humane Society relies on your donation. It is very important that your offline donations be submitted within 30 days of your event.