Kittens (under 7 months): $229
Adult (7 months – 6 years): $159
Senior (7 years and older): $75

Patient Paw Fee: Choose your own fee


Adopt a second cat within 60 days of your initial adoption for a reduced fee of $100 ($50 for Senior)


Bonded Cats

Mom and Kitten: $239

Patient Paw Pair: Minimum $50 fee

Bonded Adult pair: $200

Senior pair: $100


*All ADULT (and senior) dog adoptions include 1 private consult


Puppies (under 7 months): $499 *excludes any classes

Adult (7 months to 6 years): $350

Adult dog w/ required Reactive Rover: $350

Senior (7 years and older): $250

Senior dog w/ required Reactive Rover: $250

Patient Paw Fee: Minimum $100 fee

Patient Paw/ required Reactive Rover: Minimum $100 fee


Bonded Dogs

Adult Bonded Pair: $400.00

Includes 1 consult with both dogs

Senior Bonded Pair: $300.00

Includes 1 consult with both dogs


Adult and baby rabbits: $45


Adopt a second rabbit within 60 days of your initial adoption for a reduced fee of $25.


Bonded Rabbits

Bonded Pair: $70


Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice and Degus $5
Guinea Pigs $20
Hedgehogs $45
Chinchillas $45
Ferrets $90
Budgies, Finches, Canaries $7 (hand tame $15)
Doves, Pigeons $15
Cockatiels $25 (hand tame $50)
Love birds $35 (hand tame $50)


Medium sized parrots

(Small Conures, Senegals, Pinonus, Large Parakeets, Lories & Lorikeets)

$200 – $400

Large Sized Parrots

(African greys, Amazon, Small Cockatoo, Large Conures, Eclectus, Mini-Macaws)

$400 – $1000

Extra Large Sized

(Large Cockatoos, Large Macaws)

$1000 – $1200

Quaker Parakeet/Parrot


$200 – $250


Small Snakes

(Milk, Corn)



Large Snakes

(Boa, Ball Python, Rare or uncommon breeds)



Leopard Gecko: $20
Iguana: $45
Bearded Dragon: $65
Veiled Chameleon: $75
Red ear slider turtle: $45
Mountain Horned Lizard: $20
Box Turtle: $90
Pig: $50-$100
Chicken: $20

**Other turtles, lizards and other exotics – prices vary


*Adoption prices are subject to change


Interested in a Patient Paw dog, cat or rabbit?


Patient Paw animals have spent a longer-than-average time in the shelter and they are excited to find the perfect family! Dogs are available for a choose your own adoption fee (minimum of $100) and cats and rabbits are available for no minimum.

Please note: Optional medical procedures and required behaviour classes are not included in patient paw pricing and must be paid for in full. Patient paw animals can be spotted in shelter by looking for the bright yellow paw print logo and are also listed as patient paw animals in their bios.



The Calgary Humane Society recognizes that not all cats are suitable for a home environment and will, under special circumstances, adopt cats to individuals wishing to provide these special cats with an opportunity to live in a rural, farm or shop type setting.

Fee: $30

Adopter Requirements:

  • Cats adopted to live in a rural, barn or shop type setting must have access to food, shelter, water, regular vet care, love and attention.
  • Barns or warehouses must be heated or well insulated and these cats must not be expected to fend for themselves.  We recommend that 2 cats are adopted together so they have a companion in the outdoor environment
  • The adopter will be the registered owner and must take full responsibility for the cat(s).  If the adopter leaves the place where the cat(s) is living, he/she must make arrangements for the cat(s).  Suitable arrangements include taking the cat with him/her or finding another caregiver to accept responsibility for the ongoing care and welfare of the cat(s) and transfer ownership
  • In the case of a business, Calgary Humane Society will ensure the landlord of the premise as well as the Manager of the business agrees of the plan to have cat(s) on the premise.

What’s included?

Your cat(s) will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tattooed prior to leaving the Calgary Humane Society.

If you are interested in adopting a cat(s) to live in a rural, farm or shop like setting please call (403) 205-4455 ext 6503 or email to be placed on the Adoption Request List.