Shelter closure on Wednesday, February 8th for Staff Wellness day.
Shelter closure on Wednesday, February 8th for Staff Wellness day.

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Meet Harley

All about Harley

Harley is a 3 years, 1 month old male Terrier/Mix who weighs 20 pounds.

Age: 3 years
Weight: 20kg

A little bit about me:
- dog-savvy cats okay
- unknown history with children
- potential for dogs pending dog to dog

Hi there, my name is Harley! I'm a super cute, friendly, and energetic guy looking for my forever home. I have lots of energy, so I'm looking for a home where I can get lots of walks, play with plenty of toys, and get some mental stimulation. If you have a dog-savvy cat at home, we might get along with a slow introduction. I might be friends with your resident dog, and we can set up a dog to dog meeting at CHS to make sure well be friends! We don't know how I'll be with children, but I can get easily overexcited and still need to learn manners, so it would be best if you could supervise me around small humans for now! The people at CHS say that there are a few things we will need to work on together. I will need to learn some basic manners, like not jumping on people and housesoiling. I can be nervous when I'm left alone, so we will have to work on this together. I have also been known to resource guard, and this is something we should work on, and if you have other dogs, cats, or kids in the house this is something that will need to be managed with them. Don't worry too much, though - the nice people at CHS can give us some tips on how to manage these things. That's what you need to know about me, so come and take me home today! XOXO Harley
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