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Meet Picaboo

All about Picaboo
Animal ID: 2000022382

Picaboo is a 2 years, 8 months old female Rabbit rabbit.

**Picaboo is a Patient Paw, please ask about their reduced adoption fee!**

Picaboo is a sweet and sunny bun ready to hop into your heart. This lovely girl is generally most content relaxing in her hide, and because of that, this beautiful is girl is often overlooked. Picaboo came from a home where she was not provided with everything a bunny needs to be confident and happy. Because of that, Picaboo was nervous when she first came to our shelter. Under the care of our wonderful staff and volunteers, Picaboo has transformed into a curious and adventurous girl who loves free time out of her pen. Picaboo is always busy exploring and saying hi to the other bunnies in the room, but she always makes time to come up and give you some head bops with her soft little nose! Like any bunny, Picaboo would love a spacious pen with fun toys, healthy bun food, and some hiding spots; she also loves time outside of her pen as she loves to explore. If this is your first bunny, please do some research first to make sure you are ready to give this sweet girl everything she needs to thrive! Then come play peekaboo with our girl! You might just open your eyes to your new best friend!
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