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Animal ID: 50321641

Ben is a male Budgie/Budgerigar bird who weighs 31 pounds.

Ben is available for viewing at the Calgary Humane Society! Interested adopters are welcome to self-schedule for an adoption appointment using our online calendar here: https://chsadoptionappointments.as.me/schedule.php

Hi! I'm Ben! Foster mom says I am a happy and chatty budgie and I am a tiny bit hand tame (I'll get there with time and patience and maybe some treats!) I enjoy water baths and doing acrobatics in and among my toys! I'm a star! I also enjoy the company of my budgie friend Jerry - we might like to be adopted together! . I would love if my future family could provide me with a large cage with plenty of toys and perches for me to use. Please make sure you've done your research on diet and housing and have all the proper supplies before bringing me home - the amazing folks at CHS can help you out with that! So, hurry up and adopt me already, I cannot wait to sing and dance with you!
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