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Animal ID: 50540603

Duchess is a unknown Conure bird who weighs 68 pounds.

Duchess is available for viewing at the Calgary Humane Society! Interested adopters are welcome to self-schedule for an adoption appointment using our online calendar here: https://chsadoptionappointments.as.me/schedule.php

Hello, I'm Duchess, and I'm a pretty conure looking for a loving home! I'm not a big fan of being handled, but I do like to be around my people, and I'll happily sit on your shoulder, lap, or hand. I also love to be called a pretty bird or a good bird! I know "step up" and "off", and I love head pets. My favourite fruit is honey crisp apples! I love spending time outside my cage, so a family with a bird-proofed home that can dedicate lots of time to me would be wonderful. I may also like having another conure friend to preen and snuggle up with. When I'm waiting for to see my people, I shriek loudly with excitement, so make sure you're ready for a noisy bird - remember, my voice is meant to carry through the forest! I become more vocal as I get to know you and come out of my shell. Like any parrot, conures are very intelligent and social, and I'll need a lot of enrichment and attention - please make sure you've done your research and are fully committed to caring for me. In exchange, I'll entertain you with my antics, preen your hair, dance when I'm excited, smooth the wrinkles out of your clothes with my beak, and snuggle up in your lap. Please come see me soon!
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