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Meet Bluebell

All about Bluebell
Animal ID: 51920463

Bluebell is a 7 months old female Rabbit rabbit.

Age: 6 months
Weight: 1.17kg

Hi there, I'm Bluebell, and I would love to hop right into your heart and home! Let me tell you a bit about me. I'm a young bun and still have some growing to do, I still have some alfalfa in my diet but now I am starting to get to enjoy timothy hay, pellets and a leafy green salad every day! YUM! Staff here say I'm an easy-going bun.

Do you like my floof? Fur this good doesn't happen without a little help from the bunny barber. In fact, staff suspect I have some angora genes in me so let's make sure I'm getting brushed on a regular basis to avoid any bad hare days.

Like most bunnies, I don't like being picked up and I can be a bit shy at first but with some patience and a bit of TLC I will be asking for nose scritches soon enough. I didn't have the best start to my little life so I would prefer to go to a calm and quiet home, small children and lots of loud noises are way too scary for me.

An x-pen is a great way to keep me safe AND give me lots of space for my enrichment toys like hay, hidey spots, toys, and food! I enjoy having free time outside of my enclosure - I love to hop around and explore and will show off my fantastic binky skills so make sure you bunny proof areas that I will have access to. This means tucking away "spicy hay" like cords and wires and blocking off areas where I'm not allowed to roam.

Like any bun, I love to chew, so please make sure I have lots of things to chew on and keep myself entertained with! Items such as cardboard boxes and castles, paper tubes, jingle balls, wooden toys, baskets and other "rabbit friendly" toys are some great ideas.

Did you know that rabbits can be litter trained? The amazing folks in Adoptions can give you plenty of information on how to help me learn such an awesome skill although I'm already pretty good at it! With your help, I'm sure I'll be a pro in no time!

Drop by the CHS today and tell the adoptions crew that Bluebell sent you, I'll be so hoppy to find my furever home!

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