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Animal ID: 52083361

Lola is a 11 months old female Guinea Pig small&furry who weighs 871 pounds.

Hey there, I'm Lola the guinea pig! I came here with my best friend Winnie! We've been friends for so long, it would break our hearts to go to separate homes, so please adopt us together! I'm still quite young, so I'm a little shy around humans. I would love a family that could go slow and be patient with me so I can build my confidence. Since I'm still a baby, my diet consists of alfalfa hay and pellets. Soon when I'm over 6 months old I'll get to have daily leafy green salads as well as timothy hay and new adult pellets! Did you know that much like humans, guinea pigs are unable to store or create vitamin C in our body? This means that I require a supplement every day to keep me healthy - vitamin C tablets are the easiest way to do this! My amazing friends in Adoptions can help you with ideas for housing, supplies, and other things I may need or like! Come meet me and Winnie today!
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