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Oliver is a 8 months old male Guinea Pig small&furry.

Age: 8 months

Why greetings, it is I, Oliver, the guinea pig! What a pleasure to meet you. I'm learning to love cuddles and am quite the curious piggy boy - I'm not afraid to venture over and give you sniffs all over before settling next to you. My diet consists of timothy hay and pellets with a daily leafy green salad. Did you know that much like humans, guinea pigs are unable to store or create vitamin C in our body? This means that I require a supplement every day to keep me healthy - vitamin C tablets are the easiest way to do this! I would love if you could adorn my enclosure with lots of toys to keep my brain active and my teeth short. We chew to naturally wear down our teeth, so things like wooden toys, cardboard, or anything all-natural would be the best for me! Since I am pretty active, things like tunnels are a great way to keep me playing and offering me hides will give me a place to feel safe in if I ever get startled or scared. With all of that said, I know you're interested in saying hi. So make sure to make an appointment before you come and meet me.
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Age: 8 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Guinea Pig