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Meet Lil Spiky

All about Lil Spiky
Animal ID: 52183657

Lil Spiky is a female Hedgehog small&furry who weighs 394 pounds.

Hi there, I'm Lil Spiky! I'm looking for a home where my people can be patient with me, as I can be nervous around humans. I'll need help getting more socialized and more used to being handled! Once I've settled in, I'll be super happy to run around and explore - you'll have so much fun watching me! I will need a suitably sized enclosure with plenty of toys for me to explore, a nice hide box, and of course, food and water dishes. I really love to run on my wheel, so having one of those will be super fun! I am an omnivore, so I like both plant and animal matter - my favourite snack is mealworms! I am nocturnal, meaning I am much more active at night and love my daytime naps. I would love for both mealtime and play time to be in the early evening. I would love to meet you and I promise not to poke you with lots of time and patience! Please make sure to do your research before bring me home! Luv, Lil Spiky
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