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Meet Coco

All about Coco
Animal ID: 52543590

Coco is a 3 years old unknown Snake reptile.

Age: 3 years
Weight: 0.84 kg

My name is Coco and I am one incredible ball python! I can grow to be quite large, so please make sure you have a large enough enclosure prepared for me. Ball pythons like me make great pets due to our docile nature. When you first hold me, I can be a little shy but give me some time and my curious nature will come out. The best practice standards for keeping ball pythons have change in the last few years, so please make sure you are ready for me! Although I am nocturnal, I'd still appreciate a UV lamp and enrichment items to climb on and hide in. I could live up to 30 years, so I hope you're ready for a long life together! As you can tell, I need some special care, so I am looking for a human who has experience with reptiles or has done their research! Ball pythons are just awesome snakes; you won't regret adopting me!
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