Did you know we offer the resources and expertise of our Animal Behaviour department? Is Snowball not using the litter box? Is Max having challenges with skills? Is a baby on the way and you’re concerned about how Patches will react? We’re here to help.

Training Classes

Need some hands on help with Fido? We offer classes that cover a variety of topics.

Private Consultations

We offer private consultations for those who would like more one-on-one time than traditional classes can offer.


Want to know more about what makes animals tick? We offer several seminars to give you some insight into your pet.

Animal Behaviour Resources

We have several articles here for your convenience. From complex behaviour in dogs, to introducing your old cat to your new one, we have over 50 documents that can help you and your pet!

Trainer Profiles

Our trainers are the best of the best (in our opinion)! At Calgary Humane Society, all of our trainers have certifications, and each of them have unique specializations.


Cheryl Grant DCBC, CPDT-KA

Cheryl received her first professional certification DCBC – Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant after a 300-hour, 16-month apprenticeship course graduating with honors at the top of her class, Cheryl is double certified with her CPDT-KA – Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. A governing body of professional dog trainers. All certified members are required to pass a science knowledge based exam with mandatory instructing hours. All members must continue required education annually in order to renew designation. She is now working towards her CTC – The Academy for Dog Trainers Currently attending the Harvard for professional dog training education. A two year science based program aiming to produce the top world’s most educated counsellors and dog trainers lead by Jean Donaldson. Cheryl was awarded the 2018 APDT Association for Professional Dog Trainers scholarship to the 25th annual conference and is Pet First Aid Certified.


Sasha Milashenko DCBC, CPDT-KA

Volunteering for a local rescue organization, Sasha became truly fascinated with dog behaviour. It was her fearful foster dog Koa that led Sasha to enroll in her first dog behaviour class, starting her on her path. Wanting to learn all that she could, Sasha enrolled in an intensive 16-month training apprenticeship program DCBC – Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant.  In 2013 Sasha received her first certification and began her career as a professional dog trainer for one of Calgary’s prominent training facilities. Following her passion, Sasha received her second certification in 2015, this time from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers CPDT-KA. CCPDT is currently the only internationally recognized certification council for dog trainers and requires demonstration of mastery of humane, science-based dog training practices.


Becky Johnson DCBC

Becky first became interested in animal behaviour and welfare after volunteering for a local all species animal rescue called R.A.S.T.A. in 2006 following in 2013 she started her own dog walking and pet sitting business. Becky recently graduated from DCBC – Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant; a 16 month extensive hands on training apprenticeship program and actively attends seminars such as Living and Learning with animals hosted by Dr. Susan Friedman, Building Blocks to Advanced Training and Companionship by Emily Larlham CPDT-KA, Dog Trainer Foundations by Karen Pryor Academy and more.

Behaviour Helpline:

Do you have a quick question or concern about your pets behaviour? Give us a call. Please note this number is not monitored on weekends. Due to the high volume of calls please allow 4-5 business days to return your call. This number is not for emergencies. If you have a complex behaviour challenge such as aggression, bite history, or resource guarding go to our private consults to book a consult with a trainer.