help your furry friends stay calm and safe during storms



Storm season is upon us so we thought we’d share some of our top tips to help your furry friends stay calm and safe during them.

Tips for Fido

1) Mute the outside noise by putting Fido in a basement or windowless bathroom with a TV, radio or fan. We Play “Through a Dog’s Ear” for the dogs at the shelter. You can purchase the calming music through iTunes.

2) Invest in a Thundershirt – it’s like a compression bandage for your dog to help them feel secure.

3) Give them a chew toy for distraction.

4) Keep your pup busy with lots of snuggles and fun games.


Tips for Fluffy

1) Classical music can help sooth anxious felines. Try playing “Through a Cat’s Ear” to distract and calm your cat from the loud noises outside – available on iTunes.

2) Honeysuckle toys will help keep your cat entertained and occupied during a storm, and will have a more relaxing effect than catnip.

3) Storms are unpredictable and can often hit when you’re not home. Using a feliway diffuser instead of a spray will ensure the stress reducing pheromone is always in the air.