Why do we take behaviour so seriously? Because YOU deserve to keep your pet, for life. With that goal in mind we have designed several classes and seminars. The following documents will help you answer common questions regarding your pet – from litter box training, to barking, to introducing your pet to your new baby. Also tips for on successful cleaning. Still can’t find what your looking for? Go to our services page for more information.


Dogs & Children

And Baby Makes Four
Children and Dogs

Dog to Cat

Dog to Cat Introductions

Dog to Dog

Dog Interactions
How to Handle a Dog Fight
Introducing Your New Dog

Dog & Food

Food Bowl Exercises
Microwaved Beef Liver Training Treats
Kong Recipes


Calming Signals
Dog Toys and Safety
Exercise For Dogs
Inside or Out
Off-Leash Park Etiquette
The Best Dog For You
Understanding Reactivity


Puppy Nipping and Rough Play
Developmental Stages of Puppy Behaviour
Housetraining Your Puppy

Training & Equipment

Crate Training Your Dog
Crate Games
Deaf Dog Training
Dog Training Classes
Head Collars
Housetraining Your Adult Dog
Dog Walking Equipment

Challenging Behaviours

Canine Punishment and Positive Reinforcement
Cognitive Dysfunction
Polite Greetings
Polite Loose Leash Walking
Destructive Chewing
Digging Dogs
Food Guarding
Fearful or Shy Dogs
Separation Anxiety
Submissive and Excitement Urination



Feline Aggression Types
Feline Redirected Aggression


Managing Your Kittens Rough Play
Stages of Kitten Behaviour


Cat Housesoiling Checklist
Feline Confinement Training
Feline Marking Behaviours
Preventing Litter Box Issues
Solving Litter Box Problems

New Cat

Introducing a Cat to a New Home
Introducing Your New Cat to Other Pets

Problem Behaviours

Cat Discipline
Destructive Scratching
Excessive Nocturnal Activity in Cats
Get Off That or Stay Out of There
Your Talkative Cat

Behaviour Helpline:

Do you have a quick question or concern about your pets behaviour? Give us a call. This line is not monitored on weekends. Due to the high volume of calls please allow 4 business days to return your call. This line is not for emergencies.

**If you are having a complex behaviour challenge such as aggression, resource guarding or bite history please see our private consults to book a consult.**

Please see our classes page to register for reactive, fearful, foundation skills and puppy classes.

All other behaviours require a private consult.