Losing a pet is stressful. To increase the chances of a happy ending, Calgary Humane Society urges you to take immediate action to recover your pet. Any delay may significantly decrease chances of the safe recovery of your pet. Don’t wait a few days to see if he or she will come home, start looking right away. We can help you through it.


Lost and Found Animal Database

The animals posted on this page are stray animals only and not presently available for adoption. To view adoptable animals please visit: https://www.calgaryhumane.ca/adopt/

If you recognize one of these animals as your lost pet, please contact our Admissions department at 403-723-6025. If you believe an animal on this page belongs to someone you know, please have them contact us directly. Stray animals are subject to a boarding and/or redemption fee.


Lost your pet? Follow our step-by-step checklist:



Found a Pet?



I found a stray cat/kittens what should I do?

  • Stray cats inside the city of Calgary with or without traceable/legible ID and/or wearing a City of Calgary license are often best left where they are. It is recognized and statistically proven a cat has a better chance of finding its way home when it is left in its neighbourhood. If you are at all concerned including seeing an injury, poor body condition or extreme cold, the cat should be brought to the City of Calgary or a 24 hour vet clinic. If the cat cannot be captured, please report it to the City of Calgary at 3-1-1 or 403-268-2489. Also consider putting up flyers and post the cat’s photo or information on lost and found websites including YYC Pet Recovery and Kijiji.
  • Cats found outside city limits can be brought to a 24 hour vet clinic or Calgary Humane Society. If the cat appears healthy and not in distress, consider leaving it there and putting up flyers in case the cat has wandered away from home and post the cat’s photo on lost and found websites including YYC Pet Recovery and Kijiji.
  • Cats that appear to be sick or injured should be brought to a 24 hour veterinary clinic for treatment. If the cat cannot be captured, please report it to the City of Calgary at 3-1-1 or 403-268-2489.
  • Calls or concerns regarding a cat that is considered to be causing a disturbance should be directed to the City of Calgary at 3-1-1 or 403-268-2489.
  • If you have found a stray cat with kittens and the kittens appear to be doing well, monitor them and ensure they are in a safe, warm place. If you are able to bring them into your home we can set you up as a temporary foster parent. Our Animal Admissions and Foster teams can help you with this process. We would ask you to bring the mom and kittens in for a medical check and we would provide foster supplies.
  • If you are at all concerned about a cat you have found, please bring to a 24 hour vet clinic. This includes cats that are found during stints of cold weather when the temperature is below 0.

I found a stray dog what should I do?

  • All stray dogs found within the city of Calgary need to be taken to either Animal Services (City of Calgary) or one of the 24 hour vet clinics in Calgary. Animal Services are the legal holding facility for all inner city stray cats and dogs and will pick them up from the vet clinics.  Alternatively, if someone has a stray dog or cat contained within their home or yard they can call 311 and a City of Calgary officer will come to their residence and pick up the animal. This applies to injured or deceased animals as well.
  • All stray dogs and cats found outside of the city limits can either be brought straight to Calgary Humane Society (during regular business hours, if outside the opening hours, please always take to a 24 hour vet clinic) or to a 24 hour vet clinic as a stray. We appreciate a call in advance of stray animals arriving at Calgary Humane Society so we can plan for their arrival.

I found a stray rabbit what should I do?

We have many stray rabbits in our community. Some are considered wild and some are domestic but have been outside for a period of time and would not thrive in a home environment. It is often best to leave them where they are unless they appear sick or injured or the temperature is below freezing. In those cases, if you are able to capture the rabbit, bring it to a 24 hour vet clinic for treatment.



What should I do if I need to surrender my animal? If you need to surrender an animal please give us a call. We will need to schedule an appointment or put you on a wait list if our shelter is at capacity. You can reach our team, 7 days a week, at 403-723-6025.


Why do I need an appointment or have to be put on a waiting list to surrender my animal? We have a number of animals moving through the shelter on any given day and we strive to ensure each animal that comes through our doors gets the best care possible whether it is basic needs, health care, or behaviour support. If we are at capacity, we are unable to take in more animals until we can free up space. If you would like, our Admissions Team can email you an intake form to help the make the process smoother.


Why have you made changes to your surrender process? By managing our intakes and ensuring we have the appropriate staffing and space to care for each animal that comes through our doors, we ensure less crowding, less disease and a greater chance our animals will move to the adoption floor quickly so they can move into their forever home. While a shelter is a good place to start for some animals, it is not a long term solution and we want to see them get into a home as quickly as possible.


What if I just drop in with an animal I want to surrender? If you do come without scheduling an appointment you will be asked to wait until we have the appropriate space and staffing to take your animal. It can be a long wait so we do encourage you to call first. If you have an urgent situation please call our Admissions Team. We do our best to accommodate emergency situations.


Aren’t you supposed to help as many animals as you can? Aren’t you open admission? We are still open admission, we are just now planning our processes to ensure each animal receives the care, attention and space it needs. We actually are able to help more animals if we plan our intakes and ensure appropriate animal flow through the shelter. With managing our intakes and maintaining our open admission policy, we are able to help as many animals as we can even faster.


What can I do in the meantime until my appointment? If you are thinking of surrendering your pet, please consider:

  • Calling our free Behaviour Helpline at 403-205-4455 for additional behaviour support while you wait (we offer knowledgeable information and advice)
  • Obedience Classes, Seminars, and Private Consultations are available for varying levels of training and behavioural issues
  • Calgary Food Bank: 403-253-2055
  • CHS Pet Food Bank: 403-205-4455 (offers one-time help for pet owners facing unexpected financial situations)
  • Pet Safekeeping and Emergency Boarding 403-205-4455 (offers safe refuge for pets facing temporary emergencies or escaping situations of domestic violence)
  • Other family and friends who may be able to take your pet temporarily or help with re-homing.